Sugar Cookies and Hot Cocoa

It has been a wonderful weekend full of Christmas Cheer at the Greer's place.
On Friday we made and decorated sugar cookies;
I found the link to an awesome recipe here and it really is the best sugar cookie recipe ever. Thank you Katrina! I even got Michael to help me make the cookies which is a rare occurrence. Then we got our supplies all together and got the party started.

It took a few tries but we eventually got the icing down; it was super runny and would spill over the edges after two minutes, making a big mess. We ended up with some really cute cookies though, and my favorite one was my wreath cookie (bottom right-ish).

Then Saturday night we all got together for homemade hot cocoa and the Polar Express. 
My sister and brother in law took the reigns for tonights event which was great because I was crazy busy all day with internship stuff. More to come on that later!
They gathered all sorts of additions for the cocoa for us to try, including peppermint chunks, dark chocolate squares, cinnamon sticks, orange shavings, marshmallows, Nutella, and peanut butter. Unfortunately I only got to the peppermint with dark chocolate before I was stuffed. Maybe next time we'll have to do samples in shot form so we can try more, because that stuff was rich! We enjoyed our hot chocolate while watching The Polar Express-who doesn't love Tom Hanks, honestly.

 I am so grateful to have family so close this time of year to enjoy all of these fun festivities with. It really wouldn't be the same if Michael and I were living far away from any other family. What are some fun family traditions you guys like to do? Happy counting down to Christmas!

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Clara Ingersoll said...

I'm pretty sure that you said that exact thing about Tom Hanks at last years hot cocoa party!! (I'm so sad we missed it this year!!) but honestly, so so true. Also you're wreath cookie is on point!