25 Days of Christmas!

Its officially Christmas time!! I am so excited! I have finished about 95% of my christmas shopping already, which means that I can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the christmas season. This year I made an advent calendar to help me stay organized and make the most out of the month. I found this tutorial here and ended up with this baby:

Not bad right? I love it. 
So for the next 25 days I'll be sharing our christmas adventures with you all. 

Today was the first day!
It is officially 25 days until Christmas!

Today's Event: Decorate the Christmas Tree

The perfect activity to set the mood for the next 24 days. And let me tell you, i am pretty obsessed with our tree this year. I started planning for it a few weeks ago, and decided to go with a silver and gold, rustic christmas theme. (My husband thinks themes for Christmas are stupid, but I love). I started with these ornaments:
and found the idea for the pinecone ornaments, which I obviously had to recreate as soon as I saw them. They are my favorite things about the tree this year! Then I added some gold sparkle icicles and viola! Day one complete! Here is the finished product:

What do you think?
Merry Christmas Season Everybody! 

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