Gingerbread Houses

22 Days til Christmas: Make Gingerbread Houses!

Again, we had to rearrange our advent calendar today because of the lack of snow. It actually did snow this morning, but then it rained and washed it all away. Sad. One of these days we ARE going to build a snowman. 

So today we made gingerbread houses! We all got our kits ready to go and then proceeded to make them pretty. This is a tradition that I have adopted from my husband's side of the family, because we never really did them growing up. But they are so much fun!

Here's mine; I am so proud of it because I usually am awful at these, but I think it turned out okay!

Here is Garrett's, very nice!
And here is Michael's. After eating frosting and candy the whole time, he looked at it and said, 'yep, I think I'm done now!' Silly boy.

We had a blast making them, and now we are one step closer to Christmas!
Hope all is well-

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