About Me

Hey guys!

I'm Ali.

I was born and raised in Portland Oregon until I was 10 years old and we moved to a small town in central California. 
I like ugly sweaters. Apparently I always have. 

I have four awesome siblings, two wonderful parents, and one amazing husband.
And the worlds sweetest pup, Cooper.
Also, I like pictures, hence the mass amount you'll see here.

Right now we live in Idaho, just finishing up our schooling, and then we plan to move on over to Boise to start our lives sans college. I am working to become a personal trainer and Michaels dream job is to become a police officer. Michael loves shooting, guns, cars, shooting, more guns, working out and shooting. He has straight up turned Idahoan on me.

I, on the other hand, love a little bit of everything! Seriously. Everything. I love hiking just as much as i love watching netflix for 12 hours straight. Tulips, baseball, the beach, the mountains, Nike, Apple, working out, sleeping in, yoga, chocolate, and the 4th of July.

Basically I just like adventure.
Also, I'm awkward. What else is new?

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